is a new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate cooling for ships

in fuel costs


Quick return
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GADCOOLER is an absorption system which uses waste heat to generate all or a portion of refrigeration needed by a passenger ship. Depending on the ship and its intended use, the savings range from several percent to considerable amounts. In tropical conditions as much as 40% of fuel may go towards creating cooling so the savings are significant.

Reduced emissions also create an advantage in a market more and more aware of the global climate change. As the system uses non-toxic fluids, it is safe. It is also practically maintenance -free and can be installed during a normal service docking.

Gadcooler is a solution created by Gadlab Engineering with patent pending. Gadlab Engineering designs and implements custom-made solutions for ships and floating structures through its global cooperation network.

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How does the GADCOOLER system work?

The GADCOOLER system is driven by waste heat derived primarily from the engines HT-water. This can be boosted wih surplus steam or any other heat source which is available. The system also needs internal cooling, normally taken from sea water.

Fuel efficiency of conventional machinery

With a conventional machinery setup, normally only 45% of fuel energy can be used to produce effective power, the remaining 55% is wasted through heat loss. The power produced is used to generate electricity and propulsion. Conventionally, a ship's AC-cooling runs entirely on electricity.

Fuel consumption 1,56 tonnes/hour
Required generator and propulsion power 6,48 MW
AC-cooling demand 1200 kW

Fuel efficiency of machinery with Gadcooler

The Gadcooler system can recover up to 24% of the heat loss from the engine's high-temperature water and steam. The ship's AC-cooling is produced from waste heat instead of electricity and thus engine power demand is reduced.

Fuel consumption 1,44 tonnes/hour
Required generator and propulsion power 6 MW
AC-cooling demand 1200 kW.

* Example: comparison of a passenger ship running a 4-stroke medium speed 10 MW engine on part load - with and without Gadcooler. The Ship is sailing in warm waters with cooling demand of 1,2 MW. AC-compressor true COP 2,5 ; Gadcooler COP 0,85, nominal fuel consumption 0,24 kg/kWh


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